Collection of several directions

La Senza Corporation - is a huge brand with the widest distribution network, which is available to customers as well, and over the Internet. Currently, La Senza - it is three hundred and eighteen stores. Four stores in two thousand and three are in the United States of America and the rest of the outlets are located in Canada. "Think Tank" of the whole empire of La Senza is located in Montreal. All collections are strictly separated by the brand in five main areas, each of which covers one particular age gap.
First, La Senza Linger (La Senza Lingerie) - is a delightful lingerie not only for women but for men. In addition to this division specializes in the collections of sleepwear (pajamas and shirts), as well as on the bright souvenir collections, which are called Satin & Silk. They are represented in more than two hundred eight stores in the United States and Canada. Second, La Senza girls (La Senza Girl) is focused on the issue of collections for the young fashionistas in age from eight to fourteen years. These collections, of course, does not specialize in lingerie, and a broad range of up to outerwear, which can be purchased at seventy-six stores.
Third, Anna X (Anne.X) - a network of stores in Canada, focused on clothing for girls and women. Ladies with collections of this trend become real erotic goddesses, and young girls more appropriate youth collection, which also have more underwear and blouses, blouses, skirts, as well as various accessories. Naturally, for such a high-quality linens needed to treat, using the proprietary funds: La Senza brand with a presence of many related products to care for lingerie and clothing that can be purchased at thirty-four stores in different parts of the world, where well developed network of company divisions of the corporation.
The fourth line of the brand - it is the licensing of foreign retailers, who, after completing the procedure will have the right to distribute the collections of La Senza brand Linger (La Senza Lingerie) and La Senza girls (La Senza Girl). The fifth direction the brand develops Internet prostanstva. A large number of online shops specializing in distribution of new collections, which appear on their pages simultaneously with the appearance in the brand's own stores.