Collections of La Senza in the domestic market

We are accustomed to the new collection of women's underwear La Senza (La Senza) are foreign models and representatives of show business. At this time another sexy collection introduced the domestic top-model Irina Sheik, which has a remarkable appearance, which allows it to quickly move to the top of the Olympus model. Irina is a collection of seductive lingerie silk, richly trimmed with lace.
In general, the first store in Russia, La Senza lingerie has opened in two thousand and seventh year. It was possible to buy a model of the classic collections Perfectly Me, I Love Cotton - yet another classic collection made from quality cotton and Body Kiss - a very seductive and flirtatious lingerie.
In addition, domestic women customers could indulge nightshirts, pajamas and underwear, which corrects their shape well - a collection of Hello Sugar, bras which can increase your breast size by two orders of magnitude. Those stores that are open in Russia now, focused on the direction of Pin-up - a kind of nostalgia for the fifties. In addition to the stores you can find clothes for special occasions such collections as Merrywidow and Babydoll.
If we talk about the price of the collection in the style of Pin-up in local stores, it is the following figures: beautiful pants can be purchased for three hundred rubles, and a delightful bra for seven hundred rubles. Stores are decorated very nice and stylish. Goods are on the shelves, laid out exactly the size. The customer purchased products at a great, do not bend the music, the staff is always very polite and attentive. A lot of pleasant emotions is inner sanctum - a fitting room cubicle, executed in the style of pin-up, glamorous shades. A leg of buyers in the dressing room are buried in the mat with a high pile.
Linen is perfectly on any shape and any size. In the models there is a push-up, single and double. The color scheme is bright, smart, funny. When you exit the store, where women customers pay for purchases, they receive a gift DVD, which tells how you can turn into a girl-style pin-up. The narrative drive is an affordable, simple, fun and, most importantly, did not last too long. At the end of show does not leave a feeling of happiness and joy.