Holiday collection from La Senza

To demonstrate their new collections of La Senza brand usually attracts female celebrities of the first magnitude. In order to provide a festive collection of two thousand eleventh year she was invited Emily DiDonato (Emily Didonato). It shows quite enchanting collection in black and red colors. In some models, there are naughty and flirty bows of different sizes.
The first page chronicle of La Senza brand of the world (La Senza) was written in the last century - in nineteen sixty-sixth year. The first words and lines in this "text" belong to the Canadian authorship - Taytelbaumu Irving and Steven Gross. It is these two men stood at the origins of the brand Susie Shire (Suzi Shier). They are also initiated a pilot store in the city of Sherbrooke, who specialized in clothes for the poor half of humanity.
La Senza brand itself appeared the same in the last century - in nineteen ninetieth year. Linen was so fantastic, that soon the first company (Susie Shire) has been sold, and the lucky couple was able to collect all the forces on a new and successful brand La Senza. A certain amount of experimentation with styles and patterns have led to the company slogan: "Stylish desirability at prices affordable to all."
From the beginning, the creators of the brand have decided that his collection should be targeted to the broadest layers of middle-class women, who are experts in style and design, and would like to get it for a reasonable price. For many years the brand has long been denied the widespread belief that high quality product has to be very expensive. Any new collection from La Senza impresses with its enticing design, and is capable of absolutely every woman to make a real queen.
Despite the fact that lingerie brand designed to highlight women's sexuality, and the company is able to meet daily needs. For example, American collections differ brevity, simplicity, convenience and cosiness which are so necessary for women in everyday life. In addition, these collections cover a wide range of sizes, which are not more interested in the young beauties, and women of middle and older generation. The color scheme of these collections quite restrained, comfortable models, and the main material is natural cotton that is good in our time buyers artificial and synthetic.