Variety stocking

Today, the stores you can find a lot of stocking a variety of colors, shapes, for any occasion and for every taste. The material for stockings are more diverse than ever before. Previously, they were made only from wool and Lycra, but today there are stockings made of silk, cotton and latex.
Classic stockings - stockings on his belt. Many consider them the most sexy, exciting. But then their configuration is not very simple. By themselves, stockings will not stay on his feet. Therefore, there is a belt on the waist to which garters are attached to the stockings themselves. Today, to use the convenient zip fasteners.
There are more modern stockings, they are filled with silicone inserts. They are on top of the gum is decorated with ornaments, and the inside - a layer of silicone. With this solution does not subside, and stockings are not needed.
The company Wolford has found a solution and produced a hybrid of tights and stockings for those who want to wear stockings, but feel comfortable. Outwardly, it looks like tights with a belt in the form of a stocking with cutouts on the hips. It turns out, this accessory should be worn as tights, but they are not material and the side gusset, but are connected by bridges with stockings, usually four. Is obtained as the classical form, only easier and more convenient.