Types of bras

The abundance models affects the imagination and makes it difficult to choose. Some examples could include a few basic types, and what you choose - it is a matter of taste. The only thing we can say - you should not skimp on beauty and health of your breasts, buy a quality and comfortable clothes.
Classic bra - both halves of the same height, closed cup. The most comfortable bra that every woman should have.
Corbeil - has open cups, this bra is usually worn with the neckline.
Balconette - a bra with detachable straps and bones, covers only half of the breast.
Push-ups, wall - with the help of silicone or foam inserts give the breasts a seductive volume.
Bustier - a bra with removable straps or without a solid bones and short stays. Supports breast shape and decorate the upper part of the body.
Seamless - a bra made of thin elastic fabric with no seams. Usually wear tight clothes.
On the bones - clearly captures the chest by a rigid arch, sewn into the cup.
When choosing a bra look at the seams and fastening straps. Fasteners must not be convex, and joints - acting. The correct bra will not only retain the beauty and health of your breasts, but cheer up.