postnatal bra

Bra - a form of clothing for women, which supports the breast. The word bra comes to us from German and means "to support the breast." The purpose of a cover-up bra, support, and raised his chest. In the late nineteenth century, replacing the bra corset and takes a firm position in the wardrobe of a woman to this day. There are many different types of bras and forms. Consider one of the models, which are usually women after childbirth. These bras are easy to maintain a bulked milk from the breast, and for feeding the child, what can be done without removing the bra.
There are different sizes. This and A, and B, and C, and D, and E, and F. And there are also divisions in terms of bras brisket bone, which may be 75, 80, 85 and 90 centimeters.
Postpartum bras are equipped with comfortable double-deep cup, which is well-kept breast. There is a possibility otstegivaniya top of the cup, which allows to feed the baby without undressing. Also, like bras offer comfortable zip-clip through which you can undo with one hand. In post-natal bra no bone, which makes it comfortable to wear and you can even sleep in it in order to avoid sagging breasts. Inside seams are closed special inlay made of cotton that prevents irritation.