Old women and bras

In the fifth century BC, was made an image showing how to dress Aphrodite. Some winged creatures helped her tighten strafion figured that was the prototype of the modern bra. In ancient Rome, women also wore under his clothes a kind of bras. They are worn under the coats and tunics, and looked like leather belts, or stanza, which emphasized the chest and waist.
In Rome, not just one type of bra worn, and there was a whole system of underwear, which had its purpose for each age group of women. Since bras were worn by young girls, to restrain the growth of breasts were bras, large breasts tightening of women, there were bands that are just below the breast support
In Sicily, too, not without old bras. For example, in one of the Sicilian villas have a picture of a woman who is engaged in the palaestra. Equip it in a separate bathing suit, that is, in panties and bra. In ancient Pompeii were also found rock inscriptions that depict women whose breast was covered by some object resembling a bra today.
In the Middle Ages about a bra forget, and women have to wear heavy armor corset, which have a metal insert to raise the chest. Fashion of the Middle Ages in Europe assumed a flat figure of a woman, so from a young age girls forced to wear a brace to prevent the growth of breasts.