bras for big breasts and pregnant

In recent years an increasing number of women who have very large breasts. On the one hand, the effects of plastic surgery breast augmentation, and on the other hand, the effects of poor lifestyle choices, which makes women's breasts, and not only is growing by leaps and bounds. So women need bras of type D, and even higher. But this is a concern of specialists to provide large breasts bras.
Any fat woman should be aware of how important it is to choose the right bra, that was not too crowded. So how else will create various types of pain in the head, back, shoulders, arms. Even the possible noise in the ears and dizziness to fainting.
It is important to know when choosing a bra, that the greater the breast, the harder and larger must be the details that support it. This applies to strapless, zip, back. Closure must be made at least three hooks. Under the straps should be pushena soft cloth so as not to create pain in the shoulders and not traumatize them. To add cups elastic tape that is sewn into the lower part.
For pregnant women, there are special bras, which can adjust the size. The fact that the breast is usually extended to two dimensions. For lactating women, there are options with detachable bra cups.