Description bras

The first thing that catches the man's eyes when he looks at a woman is her breasts. Therefore, it should be presented with a beautiful. This can be done through a variety of bras that can highlight all the advantages of the breast. Bras are, and corrective function that allows you to hide the flaws of your chest. Whether it is too small or, conversely, too much breast. Consider the basic model bras.
Let's start with the classical form. These bras are the most comfortable and versatile. They are in the locker room almost all women. These are characterized by a closed cup bras. The upper and lower halves of the cups are the same, which makes it possible to wear a bra to any chest size only pick them up.
Another common type of release under the name of bras push-up. These bras have been created in order to maximize lift the breasts and give them extra volume. The very name means in English as a lift. What is the essence of these bras. If you have small breasts, the bra like it will be able to visually enlarge. This is possible because the push-up bras give the breast an additional volume and fluffiness.