Bra and Push-ups

There are three types of bras - Bra and Push-up. A series of these bras have different abilities to give the breast a more three-dimensional shapes and visually increase its size.
First, this effect is due to a special cut, which seemed to slightly lifts the breast. There is no need for extra cups of stuffing to enlarge breasts. Second, the increase in breast size made possible by a special soft material that is added to the cup. And thirdly, it is possible to significantly change the shape of the bust from a soft material, which filled the cup to increase the breast.
Braser bras suitable for women who like to wear a deep neckline. These bras can barely cover her nipples. He gently squeezes the breast, leading to the fact that the protruding part seems more lush than it actually is.
Bustier Bra - a bra underwired, which may be removable straps, or they may be none at all. In these bras have a combined short corset, which is quite a bit does not reach the waist. Running it from a tightly woven, stitched with strong bones for rigidity. The purpose of this bra is shaping not only breast but also the upper body.