How to choose a belt stocking

If you want to choose the right belt for stockings, then you need to take into account many different features and subtleties in the choice of wardrobe item. First, pay attention to the material of which are made for stockings. On any given figure the most good landing zone, made of stretch fabric - silk, or satin fabric trimmed with lace.
The advantages of these materials is that they are very well drawn, look great and profitable emphasize the shape of your hips. The second point is the successful landing zone. That is where the model sits on the waist tight waist and hips, does not slip and twist. Model will be too narrow to cut into the body, and leave marks on the skin. It is also too narrow belt of visually full figure.
The next characteristic of the belt - it's height. Here, you can rely entirely on your taste. Medium and low waist belt with the most versatile and suitable for any clothing, but with a high waist belt attached to the woman vintage chic. Waist straps should be flexible enough to have a firm grip and a good mount with a stocking. It is also desirable to take into account that belt stockings should be of the same material, as well as underwear.