brides garter

Dressing in French, means - popliteal cavity. Formerly used as a bandage gum to keep the stockings. Now there is a separate species - garter bride. Brides wear it just above the right knee.
And it has its own tradition - the groom removes it from the bride's leg and throws it into the crowd of his unmarried friends, and who will catch, and to marry soon. This tradition arose in opposition to tradition with a bouquet, where the bride throws her and a girlfriend who said she soon get married. The tradition of dressing came from the West, where earlier there was a tradition brought to the house of a piece of wedding dress bride or groom to bring good luck into the house. And so the crowd did not tearing wedding dress, came up with this tradition with a garter.
And here in North America, the bride wear two garters. One is above the knee and the other just above the first. One groom throws the garter at the wedding, and the second (also called honey) he takes is private.
Men, do not forget that the garter is very light, throwing her need to apply much force that it flew it into the crowd. Brides should we choose to match the dress, garter and so that it was an exception to the general style of dress.