How can I distinguish between bras: Angelica and Balkonet

There are several common types of bras, which are distinguished by name. Here they are: the Angelika, Balkonet, seamless, Bra, Braser, Bustier, Vonderbra with soft cups, underwired and Corbeil.
Consider two of them. Angelica - a bra that supports the breast from below. This model is very similar to Korbeem, balconette and Braserom, if they have straps unfastened, and thus begin in the most extreme points of the side cups.
We have Balkonet bones, which allow to maintain good breast. Title Balkonet bra was for his design, which is almost flat and horizontal stripes. Immersed in a half-cup, breasts represents the balconies. These bras are well combined with a deep cut bodice of the dress, which opens the chest and bares her shoulders, as the neckline. Contribute to such a special removable straps. If a thin strap dress, then you can put on a bra with straps, but then they must be transparent. But there is one thing. If you have a large and heavy breasts, then this type of bra is not for you.