seamless bras and bras Bras

A distinctive feature is the lack of seamless bras seams on the cups. These bras are made of very thin material, usually flexible. Cups are made of solid components, the fabric is stretched in the center using special technology, so that is a repetition of the breast shape and creates a natural look. These bras can be worn under any fine clothes made from fabrics stretchevyh. Also, it may be fitting dress or blouse. The fact is that, thanks to seamless bra on the clothes you will not see any seams, even at the close. As of today - it's one of the most popular bras.
The rage is that there are seamless bras, which provide the necessary support to the chest. These bras are very comfortable, so they can take the form of the body due to the influence of body temperature, the effect of second skin. The edge is processed by bonding under heat treatment. These bras are unlike conventional, consisting of 11 to 50 parts, one-piece.
Bra-Bra attached to the chest by an additional amount of special foam or silicone inserts. This type of seamless bras.