Types of bras

Consider Vonderbra bra. The purpose of this bra is not only to support the breast from below, as do many of the bras, but also on the sides. Therefore, this bra is designed for the specific size of the breasts. Strap is displaced. This is due to the fact that the center of gravity falls exactly on it. At the bottom of the cup is the so-called pockets, where you can insert a box that can support and visually enhance the breast.
There are bra with soft cups, a model which is designed so that they can close themselves fully breast. This type of bra is suitable for women who play sports. Chest perfectly supported. Also, these bras can be worn under a dress with sleeves, which covered both the front and rear.
More focus on underwired bras. In such models, the base of the cup is sewn a special elastic and rigid bow. Thanks to her breasts can be clearly stipulated. Bows come in different shapes and sizes depending on the model and the task of bras. So release the bow in the form of an arch, a deep semi-circle or crescent. Different bras solves the problem and the form of seams on the cups.