All of the pajamas

All of us are familiar with the pajamas. It was her comfort and practicality had to taste and the male population and female. PJ is probably the best option for sleep. But we probably would not get to hear about your pajamas, if it were not for pilgrims from the eastern lands, get a lot of months to Europe, overcoming all obstacles and difficulties.
Initially, pajamas, appeared in the early 19th century, and came to us from Turkey. Many travelers brought with them from wandering in the East all sorts of quirks and Utensils. Undoubtedly, this had its advantages. To them we are grateful that we drink morning coffee and smoke a hookah, go to the silk suits.
The History of Pajamas vague and illusory. But apparently, convenience and novelty, has managed to win a decent respect for and acknowledgment of the male part of society. And soon, instead of night shirts have become widely used in pajamas.
Among the female population has significantly improved the popularity of pajamas when its shows famous Coco Chanel was the use of different models of pajamas, from the very simple to classic frank.
In some models, used embroidery and colorful patterns. All this reminds us of the combined hot distant homeland, a fabulous Turkey.