of the origin of the belt for stockings

Provenance belts for stockings goes to the Middle Ages, the last millennium. This is the result of evolution. In those years they were in fashion, both men and women. They were made of coarse stiff fabric, such as linen or cloth. Therefore, these stockings could not stay on his feet, and required them to constantly tie. Used for this purpose special garters, stockings, or themselves tied to their belts.
Gradually over time are turned into a real article of clothing, but was initially aligned with the cast. Right of First prototype of the modern erotic belts for stockings owned by the French master and designer Didier Fereolyu. This belt was fastened to the corset and stockings held by special garters. As early as the thirties of last century, are becoming an integral part of the female wardrobe.
By the fifties - is an object of attention of almost all artists and designers of lingerie. Now the belt for stockings are mainly used as an object of fetish, erotic in various costumes to attract women the objects of the opposite sex, as well as to give confidence in its own unique feminine appeal.