The four types of bras

By the way the straps are located, there are four types of bras. First, this bra whose straps are located in the center. It is believed that this is a classic model among the bras lift the breasts. Cut bras data differs in that it distributes the weight of the breasts evenly. There are different variants of these bras, the standard is usually a good sit. Best of all such models are suitable for those who have the cup B. In general, these bras look good with different blouses.
Second, the isolated closed bras that are recommended to wear women with D cup or larger. Such models can be said to make your chest relaxed, keeping it well not only from above but from below. At the top of the bras of this type does not happen, and should not be a deep cut. Shoulder straps are doing relatively soft and broad in the shoulders.
Third, look at a bra with straps that are wide apart. These bras can be as much as possible the chest. What makes admiring glances will accompany you for a long time. What is the secret of intoxicating neckline? The answer is very simple. The thing is specially molded skeletons or bones, as well as wide-set straps. This model is well suited to carry it with a thin sweater with a V-neck.
And fourth, it's bras with removable straps that are recommended for women with small breasts.