Stockings - weapons of sexuality

Women somehow firmly believe that the clothes just to wear it and look at her attractive. But then, most men are convinced to the contrary. They no longer enjoy leisurely to undress your woman. But, keep in mind that every man has a certain element of women's underwear, where they "blow your socks off."
Today, many women have forgotten completely about the most important women's arms, on the stockings. Now, they were replaced by stockings, which is more convenient and perhaps more practical. But the fact is that men are very conservative, and saw a woman stockings, get excited, just like the red lipstick, or studs. It's not just tights and stockings. It's like regular underwear with lace.
And to the type of men, mleyuschih of stocking are: all kinds of "playboy", "Kazan" and other "fast - light up" men. Men of this type strongly argue that these stockings with belt is much more beautiful and exciting, rather than tights. But do not think that the stockings with a belt it is vulgar. Especially in women at once an association - red or black right up to the blue. However, many males affected much more effective beige stockings and white. So if you want to seduce a man ahead of stockings, not lose.