Choosing pantyhose

Today the market is replete with a huge number of counterfeit products. Good, quality stockings, too, came to the attention of counterfeiters. When choosing pantyhose pay special attention to quality printing performance of the box, the clarity of all the inscriptions, the presence of her information about a product, the manufacturer of the product, additional information such as tips on caring for pantyhose, etc.
In addition, high-quality tights have with incomparable unique smell. There is a common table of the determination of pantyhose, so all the manufacturers are trying to focus on it, and tend to indicate it on the box. When choosing tights, if you are in doubt about size, it is necessary to choose one size larger. Stretch tights is better not to acquire.
An important parameter is the choice of pantyhose DEN, which characterizes the density of the yarn in the production of pantyhose. If the density of tights 6-10 DEN - is invisible tights, they are distinguished by low strength and high price. Tights 15-20 DEN density suitable for a business suit, 30-60 DEN - for walks in the demi-season dress, and in extreme cold may be as high density and 200 DEN.