The originality of the knitted swimsuit

Knitted swimwear is not very popular, but in vain. Looks very interesting and emphasize femininity. And it is not inferior to their brethren of the cloth.
The most important advantage of the knitted swimsuit is its originality. After all, if you do make a swimsuit, they're incredibly proud of, plus the assurance that nobody else this will not happen (for many women it is very important). In cotton yarn contains, and due to this knitted swimwear does not spoil the iron. Knit a long thing, and not difficult. Schemes on the internet enough, you can easily pick up something for yourself. You can even combine several interesting schemes and get something awesome and absolutely unique. These bathing suits never go out of fashion, because the unique items are valued at all times.
With proper care, your bathing suit can serve for decades. And as new - it is well forgotten old, imagine what will be pleased when the granddaughter of "strelnet" you have a swimsuit to go to the beach with friends.
The only disadvantage of this swimsuit - it dries for a long time. But one drawback - nothing in front of so many advantages. So girls, if you have not got such a wonderful thing - go for it, until a girlfriend is not stocked the best scheme.