Types of bathing suits

In today's world, the sea of ??clothing for sea bathing suits are divided only into two broad categories - open and closed. No need to explain what it looks like, and one and another category, because every girl knows this and that. But in each of these categories has their myriad.
Let's start with the simplest and most common. Halter, also found that in the other categories. So called the suit, tied to the back straps. In this way emphasizes the chest, shoulders are broader, narrower hips and visually.
Banda also belongs to both categories of swimwear. So is the top of a bathing suit, which is a broad band (as happens with straps or without them). This type of top shortens the torso and thigh makes the "luxuriant." Bikini. Oooh ... Well, who does not like this kind of underwear! .. The fabric of this type of swimwear is minimized and hides only the most intimate places.
Hi-neck-refers to a closed category of swimwear. Characterized by the absence of any cuts until the clavicle. Visually lengthens the body and gives the harmony of its owner. The tank-like its predecessor, applies to private leotard. A characteristic feature is the wide straps and built-in cups. Gives the body elegance and ease of