Who created the bikini swimsuit

Many years ago, designer Louis Rird designed the leotard, which turned the whole world. He could not think of a name for his invention. After all, something had to be really provocative and attracting attention to himself. And the swimsuit called after the island on which the U.S. government conducted nuclear tests in the five days before the first show. The show took place June 5, 1946. Thus, for the name of the model designer to use the most talked about topic at that time.
In parallel, another designer, Jacques Heim, created a bikini and called him «The Atom». Rird said his bathing suit even smaller than the development of designer competitor.
New swimsuit Rirda was so open that in Paris fashion week simply did not dare to show. Models do not want to leave it to the podium. Then even a stripper had been hired, which performed this function.
In principle, separate bathing suits at the time were no longer a novelty. Their invention, we have to save - in the U.S. have decided to reduce the cost of sewing lingerie. And it turned out that men are showing great interest is the women, dressed in those swimsuits. A debate has provoked the emergence of a bikini and even came under the ban in some Catholic countries.