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Let us examine the most common mistakes when choosing a bathing suit, as well as tips on how to avoid them.
So if you have small breasts, instead of bras no cups pitted and get push up bra or a strapless. They will make your breasts larger, and generally emphasize the existence of such. Not in any way do not choose dark colored bathing suits, but instead take the kit with a light top and dark bottom, playing on the contrast of the shoulder girdle is a winning look.
If you are a girl tall and slim build, then you is perfect bikini, but in any case, do not take a swimsuit in a vertical strip, better give preference to bright colors or shiny fabrics. You can also buy a bra with wide straps or no (if God gave you to breastfeed).
Well, if you have large breasts, you'll look great in a swimsuit with a V-neckline, but would not take the swimsuits of the inelastic tissue.
If you are the owner of a magnificent body, try a swimsuit with vertical patterns and accents, dragging away his tummy.
If you are the owner of a short leg, then feel free to take a swimsuit with a longitudinal pattern and V-neck.
Remember that you are by nature already perfect.