2012 Swimwear

Fashion changes every year. Change shape and color. One trend after another. This year, the individual will occupy a niche authoritative trikini (something between a single and separate bathing suit). Among this type of underwear is a very nice model that could replace the open girls swimwear modest. There will be plenty to choose from and those who acquire the closed cut swimsuit.
This year, designers frolic, and came out on top with an asymmetrical brim swimsuits, swimwear as well as from the uneven bars (especially interesting to look). However, the hardest girls have opted for open swimsuits. Forms, prints, jewelry and sizes are so varied that to dwell on something extremely difficult. You can tell the only thing relevant in this year are muted colors. Fashionable shades of gold, as well as all shades of brown.
In general, certainty in this year not so much. There is no clear division between closed and open swimsuits types. At first glance, you can not always determine what the designer meant. And the main feature of this season.