tights for spring

For the appearance of a woman stockings play an important role. This is one of the most feminine accessories. For women, a stylish bar pantyhose image of their owner, we can say the main highlight. To find the right tights to a particular image or figure should be guided by the following rules. Classic beige, or black tights are suitable for any dress. They fit perfectly into any shape and image.
If you want to look more impressive and sexy when you come fishnet, or mesh stockings. If you want to wear colored tights if you need clothes of neutral colors. Tights with a bright pattern will attract the attention of others, it is better to wear at parties, or if you are going to the club. However, the clothing should prevail soothing colors, but the shoes and other accessories should be the color of the tights.
Girls with complete forms to consider when buying pantyhose, tights that bright colorful little fattening, but the classic black tights make legs slimmer. In the autumn of last year were all the rage these plaid tights. And this spring, the arrival is expected to take their place, luxurious pantyhose with rhinestones.