Bra for sleeping

Bra is best to use a nightgown or pajamas, he's very good support for the breast, and during pregnancy, the breasts become more sensitive, harder and prepare for lactation, it is generally an indispensable thing.

How to choose a dressing gown

The current market offers us a huge selection of gowns to suit every taste. Gone are the days when it was believed that the gown is designed exclusively for home work and can only be replaced when dirty. Modern gowns are designed primarily for the convenience and comfort. What should I look for when choosing a dressing gown?

How to choose a women's pajamas

Choosing the right pajamas - a pledge of good and healthy sleep. Pajamas should be chosen only from natural fabrics. Either cotton or silk. You should also pay attention to color and style. In the cold season can use terry or velor pajamas.

How to choose lingerie for a woman describes a dream

Women choose lingerie for a dream, based on the features of his character. Thus, the statistics say that 60% of women prefer shirts, 20% - pajamas, and the rest prefer to sleep without any underwear. So, what we can tell about a woman choose lingerie for a dream?