Tights and leggings

That's leggings and tights are intermediate between trousers and tights. Their main mission is to emphasize the benefits and beauty of shapely legs. Their long time can be compared, but there are also significant differences. For example, leggings most resemble athletic pants. But with a dress or skirt you obviously have to wear tights. I think everyone remembers how in the early nineties tights just do not get it because it was a sudden rush.

pajama suits

Ever since the ancient times so happened that everything is always carefully selected clothes for publication, but hardly anyone pays attention to what we are asleep. And it is no less important, because we are close to our loved ones and relatives, and we must first of all for them to look good.

The basic rules when choosing a gown for a house

When we come home, we immediately want to feel the warmth of home comfort, really want to feel at home, and we first look for your favorite dressing gown. Modern styles of gowns are very different from the styles worn by our grandmothers, they have become more refined. Now this type of home clothes come in handy not only for cleaning and washing dishes, but is quite suitable for the reception. They are stylish, elegant, very light and have no hint of their provincial origins.

Night gowns

In the name of a peignoir has a lot of symbols and meanings, for a full view of his garments is difficult to call. It can be a convenient dressing gown, but it does not deprive its main purpose - to give the woman an extraordinary hot, sexy, ease and grace. To emphasize her charms and shape, thanks to its enticing lace and frills. The men at the sight of this magnificent robes, lose his head, literally.