La Senza news

Petra Nevkova - the face of a new collection

There is nothing better for the world-famous brand, than participate in its advertising campaigns catwalk stars of first magnitude. Lingerie La Senza Canadian company (La Senza) designed from the most ordinary women to goddesses. It is pleasant, however, that a woman with Olympus feshin industry are doing everything to promote the brand. One of the regular participants of the show a new collection of brand La Senza (La Senza) has become a top model Petra Nevkova to be the "face" of several collections and a few shows.

pajama offers

Who does not know yet, but the monster is a Canadian women's underwear La Senza (La Senza) specializes not only in this part of the female wardrobe. For some time the brand has mastered the production and pajama sets for sleep. Moreover, the principles of the brand - stylish, sexy - not bypassed and that the garments. On the eve of Christmas, the English branch of the company was pleased buyers wonderful discounts for the entire range of pajamas.

New England branches

Late last year, supplemented by four new UK outlets Canadian brand La Senza lingerie (La Senza). In the country, in addition to the four stores already have one hundred and sixty other trade items. Newly point will be located in cities such as Trafford, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Brighton.

Discounts Birthday

Every time a terrific brand of lower La Senza lingerie (La Senza) celebrates his next birthday, he presents all his clients to good discounts or special promotions to mark to this day. In the next birthday on the coupon shoppers literally hit "rain". For all items of the latest collections of the discount as much as thirty percent. And this is quite democratic and lowest price on regular days.