La Senza news

A Christmas Carol

This Christmas the world was captivated by a beautiful female chorus, dressed in lingerie from La Senza brand (La Senza). The developers of the Internet company launched cute holiday movie, in which seven young women with various forms of the famous carol singing, lying on mattresses.

La Senza is struggling with cellulite

There is not no woman that would not be interested in such a global problem as cellulite. And it does not matter what country lives a girl or a woman, what is the age and social status. This problem has always been relevant to the weak half of humanity. And even the finest linen is not able to distract her from this heavy doom cellulite.

The use of Internet technologies

Nowadays, even the major manufacturers such as La Senza brand (La Senza), can not do without the introduction of the business methods of interaction such as social networks. Brand new collection has been available at such a popular resource, like facebook (Facebook). It has been available to buyers and shopper in the form of a special roller, by which they can very easily make a reservation.

Conquest of the Australian market

Last summer, the Canadian company to produce beautiful lingerie of La Senza (La Senza) today announced that the brand intends to open a pilot store and the title in Sydney. Less than two months, as the group launched its first store in the world wide web, which will help the brand finally "take root" in the Australian soil.