La Senza collection

Collection of several directions

La Senza Corporation - is a huge brand with the widest distribution network, which is available to customers as well, and over the Internet. Currently, La Senza - it is three hundred and eighteen stores. Four stores in two thousand and three are in the United States of America and the rest of the outlets are located in Canada. "Think Tank" of the whole empire of La Senza is located in Montreal. All collections are strictly separated by the brand in five main areas, each of which covers one particular age gap.

Holiday collection from La Senza

To demonstrate their new collections of La Senza brand usually attracts female celebrities of the first magnitude. In order to provide a festive collection of two thousand eleventh year she was invited Emily DiDonato (Emily Didonato). It shows quite enchanting collection in black and red colors. In some models, there are naughty and flirty bows of different sizes.