La Senza collection

Licensing of foreign market

The majority of La Senza masters Market America and Canada. But Russia does not remain on the sidelines. We have opened a sufficient number of stores of this brand, which can satisfy the requirements of domestic buyers. This winter they had a special winter collection. The color palette of the collection - it's purple, red, blue and pink with a purple tint. There are also gray and beige blotches with ornaments of small peas and hearts. A collection of high quality as always.

Secrets of success of the brand La Senza

Often, in the view of new collections from La Senza (La Senza) involves not only the top models, but also representatives of the musical entertainment. The next collection, which dates back to the burlesque style, has been shown in London, member girl group Pussycat Dolls. A colorful collection of eccentric, which could show only those liberated ladies like Pussycat Dolls, called "Shh» (Shhh). It is for those who are not afraid to challenge the ordinary and stamps.

Collection of several directions

La Senza Corporation - is a huge brand with the widest distribution network, which is available to customers as well, and over the Internet. Currently, La Senza - it is three hundred and eighteen stores. Four stores in two thousand and three are in the United States of America and the rest of the outlets are located in Canada. "Think Tank" of the whole empire of La Senza is located in Montreal. All collections are strictly separated by the brand in five main areas, each of which covers one particular age gap.

Innovations brand

The next face of a new collection of brand La Senza has become a model Brooklyn Decker. The brand is committed to choosing a color palette of the collections. It looks spectacular duet model of an intense blue color: the upper part of a smart and seductive mini-shorts. Mysterious as a set of beautiful purple hue, the upper part of which slightly lifts the breasts, which is the best the beauty of feminine nature.