The modern bra. The history of

The first mention of bras can be found in Sicily, as a bandage bra found on mosaics dating from the III century AD. However, the first patent for this invention was issued to v1914, Mary Phelps Jacob, the New York aristocrat. She, in turn, sold the company's patent Warner, so there were bras first named Caresse Crosby.

Types of bras

The abundance models affects the imagination and makes it difficult to choose. Some examples could include a few basic types, and what you choose - it is a matter of taste. The only thing we can say - you should not skimp on beauty and health of your breasts, buy a quality and comfortable clothes. Classic bra - both halves of the same height, closed cup. The most comfortable bra that every woman should have.

Versions of the appearance of juicy female accessory

This detail is sweetly feminine wardrobe idea of ??its beauty and zest, but it was not always the case. Bra is a tool that has long sought to oust the unfortunate corsets, which brought a lot of problems and harm women's health. There are several versions of the appearance of this feminine accessory.

postnatal bra

Bra - a form of clothing for women, which supports the breast. The word bra comes to us from German and means "to support the breast." The purpose of a cover-up bra, support, and raised his chest. In the late nineteenth century, replacing the bra corset and takes a firm position in the wardrobe of a woman to this day. There are many different types of bras and forms. Consider one of the models, which are usually women after childbirth. These bras are easy to maintain a bulked milk from the breast, and for feeding the child, what can be done without removing the bra.